TravPax Travel Agents Management Platform

TravPax is the first and most technology advanced low-cost, high yield Travel management cloud system in Asia.

An innovative complete Cloud Travel Management & distributions system, allowing Travel Agents to manage inventories and rates from one side and distribute it via its strong XML platform or websites from the other side.
With its POWERFUL FIT & Group Reservation System, operation management modules, Operational accounting, B2B, B2C & B2E websites, XML in & Out with price comparing engine and a smart CRM system, TravPax Travel Agent management Platform is by far the most advanced solution today in the Market.

Contrary to other travel cloud systems, TravPax is the ONLY platform allowing you to gain the benefit of cloud logic but at the same time keep your precious and confidential database at your office due to our unique synchronization algorithms!

TravPax does not require any installation or expensive setup fee. TravPax is a simple "Plug & Play" platform

TravPax is the ONLY platform delivered with full database of all the hotels in the world with Pictures descriptions and facilities with premapping to main XML suppliers.

Catch the cheapest rate � Increase your competitivety
can collect ONLINE inventories and rates from unlimited numbers of suppliers around the world, filter the cheapest available rates and display on your reservation screen in few seconds or directly to your clients via its powerful online booking B2C or B2B Websites. All suppliers' agreements are done directly with you to assure your best available rate without 3rd party interferences!

Your own inventories your own business!
is a powerful inventory management System, allowing you to store and manage direct agreements for all products in your own Database or from third party suppliers via XML. You can manage different types of allotments, sub allotments, markets, costs, currencies, markup and much more with unlimited business rules for Hotels, Tours, Transfers, Packages, guides, drivers and any imaginable products that you wish to create.

The first and most advance cloud Reservation System - Period
is a state of the art Reservation System capable to manage FIT & Group reservations and operations process.

With TravPax you can easily handle different types of clients from walk in to Corporate & B2B accounts.Create PNR, issue vouchers, and send quotations, itineraries or any other documents automatically to your client or supplier. TravPax reservation system is able to search rates from unlimited number of suppliers around the world and present you in few seconds the cheapest available rate or to collect rates from your own inventory. TravPax can apply different type of mark-up based on percentage or fix amount by client, products or location.

Your daily operations - like never before!
controls smoothly your daily operations; it will send bookings or automatic reminders to suppliers, will send warning for cancelation, will remind client for payment due date, will automatically send cancelation for unpaid bookings reaching cancelation due date, will advise client for alternative products in case of short inventory and much more.

Control your expenses - guaranty your payments
create payment, invoices, receipts, handle clients' credit limit or pre payments rules,
issue agency statements, collect payments, manage deposits, control profit & lost on a PNR level,
manage your accounts payable , control payments to suppliers, and much more

TravPax help you to understand your profitability via crosscut reports on turnover against client � products location and any other information you may need.
 helps you to understand the trend of your clients, products market, send automatic emails � promotions to specific client category.

What is in it for you?

XML IN Platform � connection to unlimited number of suppliers with rates comparison engine
XML OUT Platform for all products able to send rates from your own DB or from 3rd party XML suppliers
All products database management
Rates management
Inventory management
Content management
Full Reservation system
Full & Automatic operation management
Agent management
Markup and selling price management
GDS interface (Abacus Amadeus and Galileo)
B2C Website
B2B Website
CRM system
Account payable Operational accounting management
Account Receivable Operational accounting management
Corporate accounts management
Online payment management
Additional information management (pictures, facilities, description, Pax type etc)
Multi currency management
Handling of sales agents agreements
Handling of suppliers agreements
Costing and profitability analysis tools
Promotions management

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