Big Boss CP in Thailand’s most likely to settle down, panting investors invest money back into the AEC. The advantage of the land is at the center of the region. The area of ​​the country almost every direction. But stressed the government must provide investors with more useful if it gets full. While ensuring the competitiveness of the country after the AEC’s work as a team of Thai people are not sure, Mr. Korsak Chairasmisak me. Chief Executive Officer of CP Ltd. (Public) Management Seven Eleven’s entry into ASEAN, said that in 2558 the Thai market has not gone away. It is the same market or markets with products where the link between them. If that is the most advantageous in the region. I think it is because Thailand is an island country in 10 countries, 4 and 6 of which were on land. The advantage is an island in the transportation by road will be used to transport goods across the ship, only Thailand is one of the six countries that are on land. Thailand is a country that is most central. East to west. It is from Burma to Vietnam. The north of Kunming to Singapore. Crosses through the middle of the country. We will be central to the investor’s investment.
Mr. Korsak said that we should have to take this opportunity to advantage. The government must improve the facilities. Rules should not be difficult. And facilities for people to invest. Many times that is what investors love to set up factories in Vietnam and Thailand. To Vietnam, where it is not as successful as their stay in Thailand. Thailand will be held to highlight the services and facilities to investors. I also like the old system. In the past, as you come to get the boss to stand in the course.
“For CP, we have the right to build in Seven. Eleven in Thailand. We are not going to invest in ASEAN.We aim to publish a step by step from 1000 to 2000, then 5000, we announced the field for a time. Today in New Haven is open to only 70% of the district. We still have work to do for 10 years is certainly not “.
Competition in the AEC. We see that foreign visitors will take care of a team or not. We are a team of Thai people all over Thailand. We are a team with a strong love of the multi-national team has been assembled, it may only work a little harder. Chief Executive Officer of CP Ltd. (PCL), in the end.

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