Great family outing- walk or bike, your choice at Chiangmai

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Chiang Mai is not a city of parks and public places; very little green space. For that reason the Botanic Garden is a welcome addition to the scene. The Garden consists of various "focus sections" connected by a series of foot/bike paths. There is a wonderful orchid garden with a small waterfall and huge koi fish in the pond. You can walk through the desert house and stroll down the "herbal medicine" path. The most spectacular section is the rose garden of prize roses from around the world. There is a large boat set in the middle where you can stand to give the impression of sailing in a sea of roses. In addition to flowers and trees there are a few animals like camels, swans, deer and some exotic birds. Bikes can be rented for a small fee (something like 80 baht/2 hours). On the weekends the Gardens has a nice buffet of local foods. If you buy the buffet your entry to the garden is free. Nice deal. If you're looking for space to think and enjoy some cool green space The Botanic Garden is a great place to go.


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