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 Best Tailor in Chiang Mai? 
My husband and I will be in Chiang Mai in mid Feb. can anyone recommend a reputable tailor to us? My husband wants a couple suits made. I just want a few blazers/jackets made.
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1. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
one i know is milan tailor on chang kran road. reputable,good fabric,good service, you might consider contact them at milan-tailor@hotmail.com
Hope you have a good trip in chiangmai,

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2. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
Go to Amari Rincome Hotel. There is a tailor shop near the entrance to the swimming piool. Paul, the owner, has been renting the shop there for 20+ years. You don't get to survive for that length of time unless you are providing a reasonable level of customer satisfaction.

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3. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
I forgot to say - avoid being ripped off. Do not trust any tailor's shop that promises and charges for home country delivery. In some cases the goods never arrive! If you place an order never leave without the finished proiduct in your hands

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4. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
I bought a suit at VIENGPING COLLECTION in december it seems like it is very good quality. IT is on Sridonchi road across the road from the chaing mai plaza hotel. Have a good and safe trip.

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5. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
I agree with Mcleana who recommended the VIENGPING COLLECTION. We stayed across the street at the Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel. I purchased two suits (a blazer with pants and a skirt with mandarin collar jacket) both of raw silk. They did a great job - went back for fittings 3 times - they would meet you at any time to do this. My traveling partner also bought a few things, and another friend bought several suits, dress shirts & ties. Very nice folks - and good prices too.
While there, check out the corner restaurant - great food for next to nothing!

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6. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
Neramit custom tailors in Chiang Mai is where most expats, including me, who live here have their clothes made. They have been in business since 1953 and do an excellent job
91/2 Ratchwong Rd.
Chiangmai 50300 Thailand

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7. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
After having multiple items of clothing made by Neramit tailors I would, unfortunately, not recommend them.
The clothes are a reasonable fit but all the hems are very visible (and we went for the higher end fabrics). We were also told that our clothes would be forwarded to our hotel inBangkok, 2 items were missing when we arrived and what had arrived was very creased. After speaking the the tailors they said they would send the missing items to England, they arrived roughly 2 months later and the shirt that arrived for my boyfriend did not fit at all, we think it was not even the right one. The items we had made were:
Men's trousers: 2 pairs
Women's trousers: 2 pairs
Men's jacket: 1
Women's skirt: 1
Men's shirt: 1
Women's shirt: 1
The only item that has been totally satisfactory is the men's jacket.

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8. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
Absolutely agree that Viengping Collection is a great tailors. We just got a suit, pants and silk blouse made there a few weeks ago and everything came out great. The quality is very good as are the prices. They will do what it takes to get the fit exactly the way you want it.

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9. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
Thanks everyone. In the end we went to Viengping Collection and were very impressed. Between my husband and I we bought 2 suits, 7 dress shirts, and 2 ladies dress jackets. Everything fits perfectly, and they worked very quickly. We would recommend this tailor to anyone visiting Chiang Mai.

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10. Re: Best Tailor in Chiang Mai?
How much should one expect to pay for a suit in Chiang Mai?

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