A Really Great Day Out, Chiangmai

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We booked 3 trips out with Untouched Thailand Day Tours and had an outstanding time on every trip, their concern and attention to every detail was great; their first priority was to ensure that we were all having a good time. Our last trip that was booked through them was Flight of the Gibbon so pick up was done by the operator not Untouched Thailand.

Our first trip with the was with Tom as our guide, we visited Doi Suthep Temple, Hidden Temple, the Hmong and Karen Hill Tribes, Orchid and Butterfly farm where we had a fantastic lunch. Tom was attentive and had a wealth of information to impart.

Our second trip was to the Golden Triangle with Lek, a great guide and very funny, had us in stitches quite a few times throughout the day. This was a very long day out, left the hotel at around 7.30am and did not return until around 7.30pm. On the way to the golden triangle we visited the hot springs and wat rong khun (White Temple, no photo can do this temple justice, it's beauty is simply stunning and whilst probably not traditional in the true sense is very well worth seeing. The golden triangle sadly is very commercial, we did the short boat trip on the Mekong River across to Laos where we wandered through the small market there. The venue for this days lunch was not even on a par with the venue from the day before at the Orchid Farm, or the day after at flight of the Gibbon, the restaurants food was almost inedible, Untouched Thailand Tours may want to reconsider this option for lunch and research another venue.

Overall would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, am so glad we chose Untouched Thailand to show us around Chiang Mai
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