A complete signature full body massage at Oasis Spa Chiangmai

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Known as “Abhyanga,” this is a complete full body massage using herbal oil selected according to body type and is believed to energize and promote a state of better health. It uses slow movements such as kneading, strokes and rubbing to relieve tiredness and promote wellness through lymphatic drainage therapy. This massage causes improved blood circulation, physical consistency, deep relaxation, helps the body to eliminate toxin and pollution, and relieves overall tension. In addition, it increases energy levels and improves overall well being.

Spa Therapies

Come into an exotic world of beauty, serenity, and pleasure. Choose an individual treatment that is perfect for you. Spend an hour or an afternoon. You will enjoy a complete menu of treatment and therapies; body scrub, body wraps, facial treatments, body massage, Jacuzzi, herbal steam bath and much more. For a spa experience like no other, allow us to pamper you in your own private garden villa designed to delighted all your senses.

 The Voyage of Golden Lanna

We had to take Music Therapy to a higher level to compliment a treatment that guides you on a journey to extreme wellbeing. This unique musical masterpiece was developed solely to enhance each phase of the Signature Golden Lanna Massage experience. This delightful fourhanded dance of twenty skilled fingers choreographed to music, also covers you with fragrant oil infused with pure gold. This unforgettable 90-minute journey of rejuvenation will leave you golden – both inside and out. * (Bangkok and Chiang Mai)


King of Oasis Massage

By the end of this two-hour massage, you will feel majestic. Enjoy this powerful, yet pleasing treatment combining Thai massage techniques with Aromatherapy massage. Called by some “stress-management” Thai style, it begins with a Thai Herbal Hot Compress along the strong muscle lines followed by a Hot Oil Massage that works and stretches the muscles while reopening the body’s energy pathways.


Queen of Oasis Massage

This two-hour massage combines the best of Eastern and Western therapies to promote a woman’s health and sense of well-being.The ancient oriental massage integrated into this therapy concentrates on the Meridian Lines to detoxify, improve organ function and promote self-healing.The Swedish, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy massage further restores and enhances vitality. It realigns a woman’s life-energy, improves digestion and promotes inner harmony

Oasis four hand massage


“Two working together accomplish far more than two performing separately,” so imagine dual therapists working with all four hands in harmony massaging fragrant oil over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. During this multi-hand massage, therapists use long soothing strokes but at times intertwine their hands to produce motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations. This 60-minute treatment provides more than double the results. There is nothing like it!


Hot Oil Massage

Find out Why does this muscle-melting therapy win the massage popularity over other kind of massage? Close your eyes and imagine the sensation of hot (but-not-too-hot) oil rubbed the entire length of your body using a smooth Swedish Massage technique during a relaxing session of aroma therapy. There is just no way to describe this treatment with words; you have to experience it for yourself. (Warning: this therapy may be addictive).


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