VIDEOJET ®3120 10-WATT CO 2 LASER MARKING SYSTEM from Tomco Packaging (Chiangmai)



Videojet-122Videojet_3120-1.jpgThe Videojet 3120 is a compact and flexible system that provides permanent, high quality codes with low maintenance and operating costs.
•  Fastest 10-Watt laser printer offers speeds up to 1,000 characters/sec and  984 fpm (300 mpm)
•  Steered beam technology provides high quality “continuous” lines even at high speeds, with unlimited font, graphics and format flexibility
•  Efficient, fan cooled design results in long tube life, with low maintenance and operating costs

logo pdfVideojet ®3120 10-Watt CO 2 Laser
       Marking System Specsheet
Marking SpeedHandheld Controller
Up to 1,200 characters/sec. (application dependent)Graphic remote control via Ethernet for flexible operation
Preparation of marking jobs, marking data entry
System configuration
Status and alarm display
Excellent legibility of graphic display; fast, intuitive operation
Line SpeedSmart Graph Software
Up to 33 feet/sec. (10 m/sec.) (application dependent)Graphics-orientated user interface under Windows®2000/XP for the
intuitive and fast preparation of complete marking jobs on PCs
System configuration
Text / data / graphics / parameter editor
Easy access to standard CAD and graphics programs with import
functions for the most important file formats
Various password-protected security levels
Marking FieldSmart Graph Com Software
Stationary products: approx. 44x44 mm to 177x177 mm (standard) or
226x325 mm (optional); unlimited number of lines
Moving products: height approx. 44 to 177mm (standard) or 325 mm
(optional); length does not depend on width of marking field; unlimited
number of lines
ActiveX software interface for integration into operating software
Marking FormatsLanguage Capabilities
Standard fonts (Windows®TrueType
®/TTF; PostScript®/ PFA, PFB; Open
Type®/ OTF)
Individual fonts, such as high-speed or OCR
Machine-readable codes: ID-Matrix (ECC100, 140, 200: 10x10 to 144x144
for square formats, 8x18 to 16x48 for non-square formats; ECC plain [free
config. ECC code]); bar codes(BC25/25i/39/39E/128; EAN13/128;
UPC_A; RSS14 truncated/ -stacked [CCA/B]/ -stacked omnidirectional/
-limited [CCA/B]/ expanded)
Graphics and graphic components, logos, symbols, etc.
Linear, circular, angular text marking; rotation, reflection, expansion,
compression of marking content
Sequence and serial numbering
Automatic date, layer and time coding; real-time clock
On-line coding of individual data (weight, contents, etc.)
English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian and many others;
freely selectable
Laser TubeCommunication
Single sealed CO2 laser, power class 10WEthernet, TCP/IP; optionally RS232
Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
3 inputs/ 7 outputs for start/ stop signals, machine/ operator interlocks,
alarm outputs; with additional I/Os extensible
Customer-specific solutions
Beam DeflectionIntegration
Steered beam with digital high-speed galvanometer scannersDirect integration into complex production lines via scripting interface
Integration via Ethernet (TCP and UDP) and RS232 interface
Flexible beam delivery options (beam unit/ beam turning unit)
FocusingElectrical Requirements
Precision lens system
Standard focal lengths: 64/ 95/ 127/ 190/ 254 mm (2.5/ 3.75/ 5.0/ 7.5/
10.0 inches); optional focal lengths 63.5/ 85/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 300/ 351/
400 mm (2.50/ 3.35/ 3.94/ 5.9/ 7.87/ 11.8/ 13.8/ 15.75 inches)
100-240 VAC (autorange), ~50/60Hz, 1PH, 0.40kW
Cooling System
Air cooled
Temperature 40-105° F (5-40° C)
Humidity 10%-90%, non-condensing
Sealing and Safety Standards
IP54S, optional IP65; LASER CLASS 4 product
Approximate Weight
57 lbs. (26 kg)

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