Mon Cham Camping Resort ม่อนแจ่มแคมป์ปิ้งรีสอร์ท


The best organic food I have ever have, my clients all said every dishes are very delicious and prices are quite cheap and reasonable. This place is very popular among Japanese Tourist

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The King's Project is a foundation paid for by the King of Thailand to allow people to start up small enterprises which are community oriented. Many of these projects are in northern Thailand and are intended to encourage many of the hill tribe people to find other sources of income than from growing and harvesting opium poppies. This project was initiated more than 20 years ago.

One of the projects we visited was the Mon Cham camping resort not far from Manfred and Jaidieo's house. It is in the hills and has camping facilities in a very majestic site. There's hydro and water and a restaurant which serves food from the produce that is grown by this project. When we were there, a group of people from many other countries including Afghanistan, Uganda, Angola and Korea were visiting for lunch. They were studying the various methods of farming and the implementation of the King's Project

Mon Cham camping resort

From Tripadvisor: We had a delicious lunch of barbecued chicken, sticky rice, lightly battered vegies and Chang beer. One of the things that Maurice found most interesting was the new and the old: they cooked on a propane fired giant wok outside and inside, there was a brand new commercial espresso machine. It looked somewhat out of place: thairoyalprojecttour.com

Chiangmai Hotel Recommendation and List
Recommend to you the new camping site located near the city center of Chaing Mai (around 40 minutes for city center) as this place is known as “Mon Cham” or “Doi Mon Cham”.

In general, Mon Cham, the lonely hill in Mae Rim District, is the agricultural station where the villagers use to cultivate winter plant. Due to this site has its own extraordinary atmosphere, therefore, at the end of the year 2009, Mon Cham has been developed to the new travel spot in Chaing Mai which is called “Mon Cham Camping Resort”. It is easy to reach the hill of Mon Cham because this place is only 40 minutes from Chaing Mai city center and the road to the camping site is quite good for all types of car, 4 wd car is not essential.

When you arrived at Mon Cham Camping Resort, you will discover fantastic scenery of mountain view as you may see from the image together with beautiful winter flowers and vegetables glowed in this site. The camping resort is very convenience because there’re bathroom including hot water available for you and there’re plenty of camping tent available for rent at the rate of 800 baht per night for small size tent (2 person) and 1,200 baht per night for big size tent (4 person). Please note that BBQ, the most famous food for camping, is allowed in this station but you have to pay at the rate of 100 baht per person.

How to go to Mon Cham-Drive to highway number 107 to Mae Rim District
-Turn left at the 17th kilometers to the highway number 1096
-Follow the sign post to “Mon Cham”.
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