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The airlines fired me for a shocking and bogus reason so I decided to spill my guts and reveal to you...
After you grab my guide full of insider travel secrets you will be shocked to see how easy it is to get the airfare you need for dirt cheap. The airlines are desperate to keep their confidential information out of your hands...   

Henry Rustkirk Fired Travel Agent

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Henry Rustkirk Fights Back 
 Time to fight back against those greedy airlines.

Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights Instant Download PDF Guidebook 

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January 2014: Upon completing this guide, I have received threatening emails, with demands that this information not be brought to light. My site has also been "crawled" by airline computers looking for anything to use against me. Trust me when I say that I will fight to make this controversial information available to you as long as I am legally able to.

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  Henry, I just wanted to let you know I really liked your guide. Using your search sequence, I was able to save over $80 on the flight I needed to Colorado the same day I bought your guide. I guess that more than paid for my purchase! Thanks for looking out for the little guy. 
-John S. from Greenwood, Indiana                  More

Welcome Weary Traveler,
Henry Rustkirk here:
It doesn't matter if you call on the phone, go to a discount TRAVEL SITE or even use a local travel agent, the whole airline reservation system is designed to squeeze the most money out of you as possible.
The airlines work tirelessly to come up with new ways to rip you off. The scemes they use to shake people down would fit right in with organized crime.
With so many new fees, horrible customer service and no extras you are now paying way more for way less.  Now they even want you to pay for your freaking bags to come with you!
I am ashamed to say that I know all this because I was once a part of this crooked system...

I worked my butt off for my company for 9 years.  I always did my best to be a "good employee".  Those jerks even sent me to a leadership conference two months before they fired me for no good reason(later I did  find out the real reason which I'll tell you about in a bit).
I'll never forget that spring day.  I went to lunch at my favorite BBQ joint, and when I came back, there was the corporate HR guy and one of the security guards at my desk.  My career, my livelihood was all gone.  I kept asking why, but all he said was "Clean out your desk.  Your services are no longer needed".

To say that I was a little upset would be an understatement.  I felt lied to, disrepected and betrayed.  After I calmed down a little bit I realized what I had to do.  It was time to let all the dirty little secrets I had learned over the years out and teach those airlines a lesson.
The first person I told my secrets to was my friend on Facebook. I gave him a few tips and he emailed me back the next day to tell me how he made out...

I took my friends advice and wrote down all the money saving secrets I knew. When I was done, I typed them out and put them into a PDF Document and called it "Insider SECRETS TO CHEAP FLIGHTS".
The confidential information in my guide is only known by those deep inside of the air travel industry.
This guide is my revenge against the airlines, for sacking me over my lunch break and ripping off their own customers. I guarantee you will be stunned when you read my guide and realize just how much you have been over paying for your flights all these years. 

The Real Reason I Was Fired...
Caution: you may need an air sickness bag when you read this...
About a week after I got fired, I went to lunch with my former boss and good friend Jeff.  He told me "off the record" the real reason why I lost my job that day. The company had determined that I was too easy on customers, and wasn't milking them for all there were worth! 

The Airlines Fight Back...
When Jeff found out about my guide, he warned me that they would come after me with guns blazing. Boy he was right.
The airlines desperately want keep this information out of your hands. I can't be sure how long I will be able to provide this explosive info, before I am hit with legal sanctions by my former employers. The threats and intimidation have already begun. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to save a fortune on all your flights. 
I wish I could provide this information to you for free, but if these secrets ever became common knowledge, they would become useless. I guarantee my guide will more than pay for itself with the incredible savings you will realize by using these secret techniques.

Make All Your Travel Dreams A Reality...
If you are planning a vacation, wish you could visit distant family or just want to see the world then my guide is for you. I give you need to get dirt cheap flights  I also tell you all the scams to avoid and reveal all of the biggest secrets the airlines have threatened me to keep silent about.
Think about all the vacations you could take or the family you could visit, if you knew how to get extremely cheap airfare. When you begin using the insider secrets in this guide, you will be able to make all your travel desires a reality.
Flying whenever and wherever you want will absolutely change your life. Don't hesitate, get my guide today, before the airlines bury this information forever. Details about the secrets in my guide, my 60 day "Double Your Investment" money back guarantee and information on how to purchase can be found below.

Special Note For Non-US Travelers:  The inside information in my guide will be extremely valuable to you and will work with any airline around the world. Very large savings can be realized when purchasing expensive international airfare, not just domestic flights in the United States.


 updated information"Insider SECRETS TO CHEAP FLIGHTS" was last updated in January 2014 with the latest inside information.  You will be shocked at the latest ways the airlines and TRAVEL SITES are trying to overcharge you. Get my guide today, and learn the secrets to Flying Cheap, so you will never be taken advantage of again.


Here are just some of the shocking Insider Secrets that I will reveal to you in my guide.

Remember, this confidential information is guaranteed to save you cash every time you fly.

Sneaky Airline Pricing Tricks...
You will see the disgusting practices of airline pricing and how unadvertised taxes and hidden fees can make a deal that looks good into a stinker. I always hated giving people the bad news that their "special fare" included tons of junk fees and taxes that normal fares did not. 
You will also gain access to top secret information revealing the times of the week you should search for airfares, to be the very first to take advantage of specials and limited time promotional prices. They would freak out at my old company if they ever knew this information could get into the hands of travelers.

 Secret Airfare Search Sequence... 
You will learn my secret Sequence to searching for the lowest fares. This mind blowing system alone could save you thousands of dollars. The airlines live in fear that more people will actually learn this incredibly effective search sequence that allows you to get the best deal possible on your airfare.

Avoid The Airline Website Trap... 
Learn the upsetting revelation about Airline website trickery and how the best deals are sometimes just below the surface. They are usually missed by most website visitors, but not if you know how to find them. 
I will also show you my secret internet browser method you can use to trick airline sites to displaying different deals than you would normally see. This tip would drive the IT department at my old company to madness, if they ever knew people knew about this dirty little secret.

Frequent Flyer Fundamentals... 
You will be exposed to the surprising secrets of the airline's frequent flyer programs, and the website that can help you leverage these cryptic programs. Most frequent flyer programs are built on shaky promises, so you need to learn how to get the most out of your hard earned miles. 
Also, you will learn my explosive method for turning a bad flight experience into a travel payday. Do not ever let a negative incident with an air carrier go uncompensated. I will tell you the ways to get what is rightfully yours.

Top Secret Money-Saving Techniques... 
  • You will learn the truth about airline mistakes, and just how much these hidden gems can save you. The airlines are not going to like me telling you about this one. These mistakes usually end up with someone fired, and some lucky travelers saving boatloads of cash.
  • You will learn the secrets to "Drop Off Flying", and how you can take advantage of airline pricing schemes to save big. This trick drives up the blood pressures of all the airfare planners at the airliners, because you will be beating them at their own game.
  • You will be instructed in the secret method of "Skip It Flying", and how you can actually save more by buying more. This method used to drive my boss nuts, he always said there ought to be a law against this "trick".
  • The secretive method of using multiple carriers for your flights will be exposed to you, and how combining sales can save you piles of dough. The airlines absolutely despise this secret money saving technique. 

The Best Time To BOOK To Save Big... 
You will be enlightened to the time of the week to absolutely avoid booking airfare, so you do not get gouged by the airlines automatic fare increases. It always blew my mind that the airlines were so despicable as to charge people more just because of the time of week that they BOOKED
Also, discover the 12 hour window in which nearly every airline will release the very best fare deals, and how to get them before they are gone. The lucky customers that unknowingly call during this time always get some of the best deals imaginable.

The Truth About Travel Agents... 
Discover the surprising truth about Travel Agents and why buying online is not always better. Your local travel agent (if you even have one) is still a good resource, and I will tell you why they may become your best friend when looking for deals.
You will also be walked through the secret, exact phrasing you should tell your Travel Agent to get them to find even lower fares for you. Not  every  agent  will  automatically  keep  the  lowest  price  in  mind,  even  when  you  ask  them  to, learn the phrasing that will make them do your bidding. 

International Pricing Loopholes...
Learn the dirty little secret about One-Way International travel loopholes, and how you could save a fortune by taking advantage of International pricing loopholes. This amazing trick can literally save you thousands of dollars on international travel. 
Also, learn about the typically unused special pass available for North American travel, and how it can save you big time. A great trick for anyone coming to America on Holiday.

A Warning About Online TRAVEL SITES... 
Discover that not all Travel Discount sites are created equal and what you need to do to avoid being gouged by Third-Party travel BOOKING sites. Just because a site has cheap or discount in its name, does not mean that they really are cheaper, you have to be very careful.

Big Savings For Seniors, Families, Students And More...
  • Learn the secrets to saving loads of money when traveling with children and the tricks the airlines might try to use against you and your family.
  • The little known websites that can help student travelers save tons of cash on flights to home and for fun.
  • The sad truth about the state of senior discounts, and the secret methods for seniors to still save big on air travel. It is very unfortunate that our eldest citizens don't get the respect they deserve from the greedy airlines.
  • Finally learn the truth about clergy fares, and the airline's false hopes. It just disgusts me that the airlines would act like this towards men of religion.
  • Learn the shocking truth about last-minute fares, and what you need to do to avoid being taking advantage of by so called "LAST MINUTE DEALS". 

 Plus many more tips, scam alerts and secrets. 

 $Safe, Secure and Private Payment Processing...
All payments are handled through CLICKBANK  an industry leader in providing people with a secure method for paying on the internet. I will never have access to your payment information, and your privacy will be protected at all times.

Instant Delivery Means No Waiting To Begin Saving...
After you order my guide, and your payment is processed, you will immediately be able to download and begin reading it. The guide comes in the popular PDF format, which is readable by virtually any computer (as long as it was made this decade). 
You can print the guide out, or read it on your computer, the choice is yours. If you have any trouble downloading or opening the files, just email me, and I will help you through it.

Free Lifetime Updates...
Order today and you will be eligible to receive FREE Lifetime Updates for Your Copy of Insider SECRETS TO CHEAP FLIGHTS. Anytime Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights is updated, you will get instant access to the new version. Why settle for anything less than the most up to date information? Especially when it's free!

See What People Are Saying...
  Thanks Henry. I think your BOOKS are terrific--well laid out, attractive, easy to understand and very very informative...I don't think I've ever received so much valuable info for a measly $29.95 sans tax. 
-Jane M. from Santa Rosa, California
  Henry, I just wanted to let you know I really liked your guide. Using your search sequence, I was able to save over $80 on the flight I needed to Colorado the same day I bought your guide. I guess that more than paid for my purchase! Thanks for looking out for the little guy. 
-John S. from Greenwood, Indiana
 Hi, Henry.  I was able to download your info without any problems.  You have some very good info that I can start using at once.  Happy Holidays to you and yours. 
-George D. from Yucca Valley, California
  I travel incessantly with my work. Employing many of the tricks meant that a recent trip to Australia from Nashville, with 3 Australian city stops - all on American and Qantas - came to only $1265 including tax - which I thought was very good. 
-Mike R. from Palmyra, Tennessee

  I found these reports so complete, they covered every possible scenario; a tremendous valuable tool for any traveler. 
-David Z. from New York City

  Hello, Just a line to say thank you its wonderfull information I have been able to save over £200 on a return flight from England to Malta. 
-Keith D. from Luqa, Malta

Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights

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Insider Secrets To Cheap Car Rentals
Learn the secret techniques to save a ton of cash every time you RENT A CAR. You will learn all the scams to avoid, and the insider secrets that will help you get the best deal possible on your RENTAL CAR
Learn how to negotiate with the CAR RENTALcompanies and prevent from paying all the junk fees they try to throw at you. This guide is invaluable to anyone who needs to rent a vehicle when they travel.

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Insider Secrets To Cheap Hotel Reservations

Insider Secrets To Cheap Hotel Reservations 
This guide will help you save money when ever and where ever you stay in A HOTEL ROOM. The insider secrets will help you get the best deal possible on hotel stays, and prevent getting ripped off when you stay away from home. 
Learn how to get perks and avoid hidden fees during your stay. This guide could help you save a lot of money on one of the most expensive parts of your trip. 

Free Bonus #3:

Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights: Guide To Airport Security


 Guide To Airport Security 

This guide can help you learn everything you might need to know about the security aspects of air travel. Learn what to pack, and what to leave at home. Learn about the no-fly list and security procedures. This information can help you have a safe and smooth flight.

Free Bonus #4:
Lifetime Updates To Insider SECRETS TO CHEAP FLIGHTS and All Bonus Guides


Anytime Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights is updated, you will get instant access to the new version. Why settle for anything less than the most up to date information?


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Here is my personal promise:
"Double Your Investment Guarantee"

I am so confident that my secret techniques can save you money that I guarantee you will save at least double what you paid for my guide within 60 days, or your money back, no questions asked.
The moment you begin reading over my information, your eyes will be opened to the deepest and darkest secrets of the airline companies. With these powerful secrets, you will finally be able to stop getting ripped off by the greedy airlines for good.
You have nothing to lose, get my guide today and save on your very next trip, guaranteed. 
Good Luck
 Henry Rustkirk signature

60 Day Guarantee
You  can easily make back the £19.95  price of my guide with just one airfare purchase using the secret techniques that you will learn. Imagine all the money you could save, and all the traveling you could do, if you knew the inside information that I do. 

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