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Purchasing and Consolidating Handicrafts and Other Commodities  
Using a Buying Agent in Chiang Mai

We can help you find the widest range of handicrafts and handmade furniture in Chiang Mai and get the best deals. The artists in Baan Tawai and Bo Sang villages who meticolously working on their handmade products of wooden, ceramic and natural materials, are famous for their skills. Baan Tawai village in Hang Dong district is the centre of handicraft and furniture production. In this area whole streets are dedicated to the production and selling of wooden furniture. Visitors can find anything from high quality traditionally styled furniture to contemporary cutting-edge designs. The principal materials used include teak, rosewood and rattan.
Visitors are coming from all over the world to buy wholesale or to shop for their home decoration, and we want to help them find what they're looking for. Whether you are looking for furniture, resin, antiques, handicrafts, woodcarvings, ceramics, pottery, artistic pieces, wall hangings, silk or fisherman pants from Chiang Mai, We are the best partner to work with whatever your budget is.
Whether you are buying handicrafts from Chiang Mai - Thailand, or furniture, we bring you directly to the suppliers.

Why do I need a buying agent ?

When you decide to get handicrafts, furnitures, woodcarvings, decorative items or fashion jewelry from multiple producers in large quantity as business, things could be very different than just buying hand gifts for your loved ones back home.
Thailand, like most of the Asian countries does not use English as its main language. Many a time simple request on how your product should have certain finishing colour could frustate you. Let alone the quality of hand-work when the craftsmen are rushing to finish your order. And we are sure that you may not know that certain religious products require special permission when shipped out of the country in bulk. Oh wait, this is just from one manufacturer - nine more need to deal with. You need a Chiang Mai buying agency orThailand Buying Agent like us.

So what do buying agents like us do ?

Sourcing - Although this seems like a simple task, but it take years of experience in the field. We build relationship and maintain good ones with manufacturers. Understanding the local culture is crucial when working together with local manufacturers, especially when perfection is expected. Our founder is born and raised in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and we know Chiang Mai well.

Sampling - Our customers are among the creative people in the world. Ideas constantly flying around from their fingertips and we check them on our screen. Coupled with the experts' knowledge from handicraft village in Baan Tawai and Bo Sang, we consult with them what is possible. Samples are then produced and they'll fly half-way around the globe to see their ideas become reality.

Buying - Acting as your buying agent, we discuss all details with you allowing you to make an educated decision to buy, or not to buy products. You may have some selection of shops, handicraft wholesale, or manufacturers you've seen online that you want to visit. After all, we love enriching our suppliers base and maintain relationship with them.

Quality Control - We can safely say that this stage is probably the most tedious stage of our work as your buying agent. Manufactured products do sometime different from samples - not to mention workmanship quality when large order in the queue. Chipped wood, dent, poor finishing, exposed nails, broken part, are just few issues. Bear in mind that when working with nature-based material products, variety is expected. Our work is to minimize the above and maintain the value of each products we inspected.

Logistics  - Your concerns about export license, permits, sufficient packing, packing list, and other common shipping issues are minimized. We constantly evaluating our partners including shipping companies we use. We are not a shipping company. Therefore we are free to use any shipping company available - or your own choice.  Don't worry, you will have our experience's wisdom to discuss the options, and let you make the best decision.

Reasonable Service Fee

Our services are available at nominal fees that can be paid in US dollars or Thai Baht (local currency equivalent). Higher value purchases will enjoy reduced fees on the services. 

 Purchase Value Fee
USD 5,000 - 20,000 10% 
USD 20,001 - 50,000 7.5% 
> USD 50,000 5% 

Contact:  Patrick Smith ( Mr. Pongsak Sudthivivat)
136 Moo 7 Fa Ham, Muang, Chiangmai 50000
+66 81 617 2116
E-mail:  neomart@gmail.com
Fax: 053 010 218

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