The Dining Out Group “Pickles” Nimmenhamen Soi 5 Thurs April 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM.Coordinated By Paul & Nop

The Dining Out Group
Coordinated By Paul & Nop
White Lotus Vietnamese Restaurant was a really nice evening of 10 diners. The service was a bit slow but the food was very good with great value. The ambiance and presentation was very good. Unfortunately we had asked for the air conditioned room but they said that both air conditioners were not working. I found that hard to believe considering it is a new restaurant and two air conditioners were not working at the same time.
Photos by Nop from the last event at White Lotus Vietnamese Restaurant:

Our next event:
“Pickles”                                                                                              Nimmenhamen Soi 5                                                                              Thursday,  April 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM.
To me, the best corned beef, pastrami, and tongue sandwiches and B.B.Q. spare ribs in town.
Review from City Life:

Citylife > Deli > Pickles
Chiang Mai residents a mere thirty years ago had to drive all the way to the Thai-Danish farm just to get some fresh milk. Twenty years ago bread was a rare commodity, and mostly tasted like sweet fluffy clouds. Ten years ago things started to get interesting with more and more international restaurants opening up, but foodies quickly exhausted all options.
Today it we would challenge anyone who claims to have visited all of the city’s great restaurants. There are so many choices for all sorts of taste buds and pockets.
The latest cuisine to be represented in our city is the traditional New York deli, served at Nimmanhaemin’s Pickles.
This tiny deli with a couple of indoor seats and a lovely outdoor deck serves up pastrami, corned beef, the reubens, pulled pork, ribs along with coleslaw, potato salads, fries and of course the signature pickles. You can also sit and sip wine at the adjoining House of Wine and enjoy a cold cut platter or cheese plate.
Need to end the meal on a sweetnote? Check out the superb – and very rich – New Yorkcheesecake.
Prices are around 300 baht, but portions are so big many have to take a bag home with leftovers.
Paul’s Review:
Food Quality  8   Service 8    Ambiance 7         Value 7   
Average cost per person excluding alcoholic beverages:  400 Baht
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Directions:                                                                                                    From Kad Suan Kaew follow Huay Kaew Road west towards Chiang Mai University. Turn left at the first traffic light past the Shell Gas Station onto Sirimangalajon Road. Turn right at the first soi (street) and follow just past the next cross street. You will see a small complex on the right with a Japanese Restaurant “Tengoku”, House of Wine and Pickles across the street from Godzilla.
Transportation: (New) With venues out of town or hard to find you can call us (053 221117) and we’ll either provide transportation if we have room or try and arrange transportation.
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