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on June 12, 2002
Subscription Term Name: 1 year
I have subscribed to various magazines for years, and paid pretty prices too, but this modestly priced magazine is one of my favorites. It really has a variety of articles, fact based, no nonsense. I love the exercise part, I teach the yoga type exercises to my satff at work. This puts "self" to shame. Check it out for yourself . I give it as a christmas gift to my friends.
VINE VOICEon July 15, 2005
Subscription Term Name: 1 year
I picked up a copy of Health at my local grocery store, mostly out of curiosity. I found myself enjoying it enough so that I will be ordering a subscription. Here's why:

1.It encompasses every facet of health, not just diet or exercise. As one reviewer noted, it is broken down into categories: Looks, Living, Moving, Feeling, and Flavor (it was just redone). The articles in each seem to be well-written and are enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the Feeling and Living sections, as they are something that is rarely found in other magazines.

2. Unlike many other magazines, I found myself marking or wanting to mark so many pages to keep or check out further that in ended up being a good part of the magazine. I, like most others, enjoy getting the most for my money.

While everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a "good" magazine, this one will soon be a regular fixture in our house.

on November 19, 2001
Subscription Term Name: 1 year
This has got to be one of my favorite magazines. I take to old ones to work for the break room. I (and everyone at work) eagerly await the newest issue to arrive.
What I like best is that the magazine writes about health in a realistic manner. Giving you tips to live up to your full health potential, including regular reviews of popular diets, recipies, beauty tips, exercies and wonderful articles.

on October 26, 2001
Subscription Term Name: 1 year
Health combines the best of healthy food, basic fitness with a nice peppering of vitamin (supplement) use for an overall healthy lifestyle. You don't have to join a gym to be able to apply the principles that Health shares. I read an article on garlic in Health recently, it discussed the healthy properties, myth and fact, as well as cooking suggestions. A great overall magazine for healthy living!
TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon August 12, 2008
Subscription Term Name: 1 year
I was given HEALTH magazine as a gift, and have enjoyed six months worth at the present time. I'm a 40 something, formerly fit mother who still believes in herself enough to know that someday...I can be 'fit' again. This magazine seems right up my alley. It addresses common health issues with clear, short articles and yet isn't packed with ads so that the articles get lost. Some recipes, some exercises, some discussions, while remaining entertaining too.

You would be wasting your money if you are already fitness oriented and off to the gym to meet your trainer, but if you are in need of an encouraging, helpful, entertaining read that will inspire versus guilt you into getting healthier, this magazine is for you.

Update: 6/24/12
I've been an avid HEALTH reader for years now, and it DID inspire me to get healthier and fitter. Over time I've lost 22 pounds and lots of inches. I'm stronger and more knowledgeable (thanks in part to HEALTH) about health-related issues that are common with my age group. I met and maintained my goals by starting slowly, with realistic goals. Despite being a self-proclaimed 'gym rat' now, I still enjoy HEALTH magazine. HEALTH keeps it 'real' and I like that!

on April 14, 2010
Subscription Term Name: 1 yearVerified Purchase
I remember looking at this mag years ago and it was not good. Nothing of much value really. After subscribing to Self, Fitness or Shape over the years I recently ordered this for a rock bottom price :) I am really happy with it and will subscribe again! I have been a fitness instructor for 18 years and this is really a great magazine now. Many of the low ratings if you notice are from 2003 or 2005 and the others are from people who failed to see that it says it will take 6-10 weeks to get your first issue!! Believe me, this should have a higher rating based on it's content as of 2010! Right now the annual subscription is $9.97, I hope it's that low or lower (like my $5 price) when I renew. Definitely worth the money!!!!
VINE VOICEon August 26, 2004
Subscription Term Name: 1 year
This gem of a magazine covers common sense topics of interest to health concsious readers, primarily young adult women. Feature articles cover topics on "fitness" (body), relationships and feelings ("mind"), "food", and "guidance" on specific health problems. The articles are well written and well researched. It contains delicious easy-to-make healthy recipes, beauty hints, as well as adventurous exercise options.

Some examples of great articles in the July-August 2004 issue are, the "hike through history" article, the "one minute moves" and the "water workout" article. The first describes hiking trails in different regions of the country, for instance, "Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park" in Washington, D.C., "D & L Trail (norhtern portion) in Carbon County Pennsylvania, and "Railroad Grade Trail" in Apache Country, Arizona. The second provides a first person account of a very satisfactory exersize program describing aqua yoga, kick-boxing, and circuit training. The "one minute moves" article provides photos and descriptions of very realisitic and doable exersizes for busy people.

The food section has photos of farm fresh green beans, cut yellow squash, and sections of colorful bell peppers ... very excellent recipes follow. These foods are easily obtainable from any grocery store. There is also a tasty omelet recipe and some fresh fruit recipes which include melons, cantelopes, and honey dew. Overall, this magazine is highly recommended for women readers of all ages. Erika Borsos (erikab93)
on February 22, 2010
Subscription Term Name: 1 yearVerified Purchase
This magazine is so much better than Shape or Self, which I used to get for a number of years. The other magazines seemed to recycle the same old stories and I got tired of reading the same old thing. I can't wait for more issues!
on September 27, 2009
Subscription Term Name: 1 yearVerified Purchase
Month in and month out, Health delivers an interesting variety of relevant articles for and about women. There's everything from tips for healthy living to diet plans to exercise routines to articles about health issues that affect women to product recommendations (health, beauty, fitness, etc.) to light recipes, and so much more! I love the fact that they tailor many of their recommendations by age group (usually 30s, 40s, and 50s). Many magazines have come and gone from my home, but Health has been a staple for several years.

on July 11, 2009
Subscription Term Name: 1 yearVerified Purchase
I got a great deal on this magazine due to my loyalty to amazon and it is truly an excellent magazine. Less ads than most and quite a big mag. Actually it has a variety of content so don't just think it's about health. This magazine would appeal to most women.

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