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"The problem is that most traders learn from other retail traders, they have never seen through the eyes of a hedge fund trader who sees deal flow and who is behind the moves that move the market." 

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Another $46,313.32 Made Just Last Month 

Unfortunately, most traders learn to trade by searching out information on the Internet. 

They spend time in forums taking advice from other struggling traders who, quite frankly, do not know how to trade properly. 

They buy systems made by rookie traders who just got lucky with something a few times, had some good trades to show for it, and decided to sell it. 

Or even worse- they take advice from scammers who have never traded a day in their life - and are far better with Photoshop than at reading a chart. 

I just got fed up with all the lies - and with hard-working people getting scammed. 

99% of the systems you will find online have little chance of ever making you any real money. That’s just the truth of the matter. 

Maybe you have tried some of these, only to be disappointed? 

What’s worse than the money you waste buying these systems is… that many people use these inferior and often bogus, systems and lose all their savings in the process. 

I can tell you this: I have seen many of these systems and that's not how professional hedge fund traders trade. Not even close. 

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