Body and Mind Oasis Program, recreation for Management in Chiangmai, Thailand

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Body and mind Oasis Program in Chiangmai, Thailand:  Recreation For Management
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- Golf, Lamphun - Lampang - Chiangmai
- Culture Tour, Chiangmai
- Mind Oasis Program
- Meditation by S. N. Koenka

Jirung Mind Oasis Program

Anger, hate, fear, envy, anxiety, worry, rage and remorse, etc. - These are example of negative feelings that are suppressed and kept deep inside human mind all the time due to our past experiences and emotion outburst.

Jirung recognized that mind disease or mental problem is deep rooted and is the main cause of major diseases and disorders of human being. If the mind is weak and out of balance, it will directly affect physical health due to the body- mind co-relation affect.

With these recognition comes a proper solution. Jirung is proud to present the science of "energy healing", a gift of nature, utilized to increase human life energy. The technique is simply exercised through the hearing of musical voices and use it to create a mind whirling affect until the "Pranna - Energy" is created, strengthened and finally utilized to get rid of the mental toxins or negative emotions from the sub-conscious level. This practice is called "Emotion Detoxification" - the most effective tool to cleanse away negativity and mental toxin. Emotion detoxification is an essential part of our core program called "Jirung Mind Oasis" program - the new revolution of mind/body healing and rejuvenation techniques.

Now a days, we inevitably having to face with all kinds of pollutions and impurities from variety of sources : environmental pollution, pesticides and other chemicals in our food and water, these toxins accumulated inside our body. In addition, emotional stress and life pressure, further weakened our physical immunity. When the body overloaded with these toxins, unexpected life threatening illnesses arise.

With this understanding, Jirung invented the signature mind and body treatment program for our client to experience and learn the method of self holistic health care amids our peaceful and health promoting environment. Jirung Mind Oasis program is the right method to cleanse away mind and body toxins and impurities. It is truly a new alternative for good health and balanced life style utilizing the principle of 4R

     R - Relax :
     By Jirung relaxing massage and treatments

     R - Release :
     Toxin removal utilizing body & mind detoxification techniques

     R - Revitalize :
     Exercises, healthy food, and clean air

     R - Reprogram :
     Creative visualization for success utilizing mind programming techniques

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