Thai food in an ‘imaginary jungle’ “Khaomao-Khaofang”

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Our last event at DK David’s Kitchen the food and service were excellent as well as a very friendly staff. There was a misunderstanding as far as what we wanted. Because of the fact that DK David’s Kitchen is a pricey restaurant and for the dining out group we try to keep prices below 500 baht we asked David to have 3 special low priced entrees, one fish, one meat and one for vegans. Instead he had three set meals, one fish, one meat and none for vegans, each at 500 baht. We were very lucky as no vegans had reserved.
Photos by Nop: 2014-03-20 Dining out - David's Kitchen

We are taking our holiday. Our next event will be May 15, 2014.


Our next event will be at Khaomao Khaofang

This will be on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM.


This review is from “Chiang Mai Mail” on June 2010 so please disregard prices.

Thai food in an ‘imaginary jungle’ “Khaomao-Khaofang”
By Brian Baxter
Contributors to this column have – over many years – reviewed every style of eating place from the local Thai stalls and hide-aways and would-be bistros to the upper reaches of Tengoku de Cuisine and the smart dining rooms of five star hotels. Few can have reported on anything quite like this very large eating place which is found in the Hang Dong area: (location and contact details are given at the end of the column).
Khaomao-Khaofang is a venue which aims at offering more than just good Thai food and sensible prices. Its design offers a feeling of space (tables are well set apart) and a sense of being far outside the city. Behind the large parking area set off the main road, they offer in their own words ‘an imaginary jungle’.
The central eating area (which is flanked by more ‘discreet’ annexes and a large air conditioned ‘coffee lounge’) is inevitably artificial since the ‘trees’ support a vast domed roof, with a water feature in the centre. The surrounds include a lake, some pretty waterfalls and the ‘jungle’. Minus any marauding animals, that is.
The seating potential is high, but in the current low season the concentration was on airiness. Recently there was a party of 30 to 40 boisterous students on the far side of the restaurant but they caused little concern. My Thai companion and I were seated nearer the water and thanks to many fans and the openness it seemed cool. Apparently in high season (remember that folks from a few years ago?) it attracts many Thai and tourist groups. With a drop of some 80 per cent in visitors to the Rose of the North that is not the case at present.
Service was professional and attentive (rather annoyingly so, since we first ordered drinks and then found that the waiter stood poised at the table whilst we wished to check the large menu before ordering) though inevitably it lacked the personal touch of more ‘local’ style eateries. Our Singha beers came quickly and the food followed soon after, piping hot and quite plentiful. There was no wine list on show but I noticed later that Italasia had a display of wines and there were some on the counter. Still we were happy with the local brew.
We chose stir fried vegetables, a soup for my friend, deep fried fillets of fish with mixed herbs and a curry with prawns. Plus rice, of course. The bill with a tip and including two large beers came to 700 baht and seemed – given the quality and the ambiance par for the course. I guess this is an ideal place to take out of town visitors or perhaps a family or other group who might feel crowded in a conventional restaurant. That said there are plenty of ‘cosy’ sections for dinner ‘a deux’.
They are open from 11a.m. until 10p.m. each day and the phone numbers are 053 838444 or 053 441908. They have a website atwww.khaomaokhaofang.com and the location is 181 Moo 7 Ratchaphruek Road, Nonglaval, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230. They are a few minutes drive from the Airport area and about three kilometres away from the Hang Dong Big C.

All reservations must be sent to diningoutcnx@hotmail.com only and reservations and cancellations must be in by 8:00PM (20:00) the night before the event. Please give the number in your party. “No shows” and people that show up without reservations or a different number of people than reserved will be deleted from the mailing list for six months. A confirmation will be sent when reservation is received. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 48 hours please, reserve again at:   diningoutcnx@yahoo.com

Paul’s Review:
Food Quality     7
Service             8
Ambiance          9     
Value                        8
Average cost per meal excluding alcohol 350 baht.

From Airport Plaza, follow the Hang Dong Road south until you get to the turn-off marked “Night Safari” & “Royal Flora”. Turn right and it’s about 200 meters on your right.
From Kad Suan Kaew: Go west towards the mountain on Huay Kaew Road to the Canal Road. Turn left and follow the Canal Road until you get to the turn off towards “Night Safari” & “Royal Flora”. There is an LPG gas station on the south east corner. Turn left away from “Night Safari” & “Royal Flora” and go about one kilometer. It is on your left.
Transportation (new): On venues out of town or hard to find you can call us (053 221117) and we’ll either provide transportation if we have room or try and arrange transportation. We can get a van that will charge a nominal fee round trip from town and wait at the restaurant until after dinner and take you back into town. They will pick you up at the YMCA International Hotel. The individual cost will be divided by the amount of people there are.

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