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     Consumer and industrial electronics get faster, more compact and more powerful with each passing year. Manufacturers in these industries are challenged to source adhesive materials that can meet increasingly demanding operating parameters such as sound and vibration dampening, high shock absorption, water proofing and very high temperature resistance. Polyester label is widely used in electronics industries. We have label products certified to UL listed and RoHS standards.

Lube Oil

Normally gallon and drum labels require film face stock for longer service lifespan. For the one time serve pack size, it could be either paper or film label. Label application test is recommended for various types of packaging surfaces and conditions in order to select the right label adhesive and face stock. High scaled of light fastness property inks are available upon request. Cold foil, lamination and holography effect could be applied economically within the single pass printing line.



It takes more than looks to succeed in the cosmetic and personal care markets. The constant introduction of new products, expanded categories and revamped consumer product label designs create a need to stand out on the shelf and reinforce the brand message. For many brands a premium presence is essential.

For others, unique container shapes, identifiable colors and eye-catching graphics are what influence purchasing decisions. Many cosmetic and personal care purchases are made on impulse, and pressure-sensitive home and personal label materials have the power to elevate the look of your brand for maximizing shelf impact and influencing purchase decisions.
PE label is used for squeezable package while PP and paper labels are for rigid package for superb print

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