San Saran Chiangmai

Sansaran Project Phase 3 (Na Lanna) 

The Aesthetic of Living in the Contemporary Lanna Style Experience this unique and stunning contemporary Lanna architecture embraced by nature and Chiang Mai's charms as you take your first step at Na Lanna. Here at Na Lanna, your life is completely fulfilled. Only 45 beautiful unique contemporary Lanna residences are offered to you and your families. Relax in the midst of nature and the unique panoramic view of mountain ranges yet located near the city center and amenities. Feel confident that the project is safe from flooding and rest comfortably whether your are home or not with our seven high security systems. We are proud of our unique design of Na Lanna residences which have been thoughtfully created for the most perfect details of both exterior and interior . The design is harmoniously integrated with Lanna architecture and modern living resulting in a distinct contemporary Lanna. Special attention was given to landscaping, climate, and wind direction. Not only that, each residence was carefully built for the most functional to facilitate your every day living. For a special person like you, we put our effort beyond the design. A handpicked selection of high quality, durable, and easy to maintain materials were used for construction. Materials and contemporary Lanna style integrated with modernity are ideally combined to make you enjoy every moment of living at Na Lanna, Every square inch is meaningful for you, so enjoy the feeling that you have left the world behind you every day whenever you are home. You will be satisfied with an elegant and classic living room hosting your special guests or just enjoying free time with your family, a spacious dining room that makes your ordinary days become extraordinary, a cozy bedroom with contemporary Lanna arts together with a hallway that leads you to a walk-in closet, and an exquisite bathroom all for your convenience and your unique life style.

1. Key Card is used at the entrance and exit gate. The traffic lanes are separated for the 
project’s members and visitors. All the visitors are required to verify with ID card.

2. The project has 2.20 meter high concrete with 80 centimeter

Electric fence covering the entire area to protect from intrusion.

3. Guard Tour System is provided 24 hours a day servicing with electronic clock for security 
guards to clock in at the check points

4. There are CCTVs in every corner of Na Lanna which are monitored by Security Center 
of the project 24 hours a day.

5. VDO door phone is provided in every house. Without opening the door, you can view 
and communicate with the visitor using VDO Door Phone with a night vision system to help 
you see better at nighttime.

6. Automatic gate with a remote control is installed to help you get home safer 
when driving home at night or while the weather condition is bad without getting out 
of the car to open the gate.

7. Burglar Alarm System to ensure your safety whether you are home or away. 
- Magnetic Contact is installed in every door and window, the contact immediately triggers 
the alarm system when the door or window is open - A motion detector houses 
an electronic sensor that detects motion by detecting body heat. This sensor can 
detect differences of intruders and your pets. - Smoke and Heat Detector in a kitchen 
will send an alarm to Security Center to immediately tract the fire and inform 
the homeowner’s by phone.

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