Botan, sushi at rock-bottom prices in Chiangmai

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photos of our last event by Nop at West Restaurant:

Our next event will be at Boton Sashimi/ Sushi restaurant. This will be on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM. So far only 3 people have reserved.
All reservations must be sent to diningoutcnx@hotmail.comonly and reservations and cancellations must be in by 8:00PM (20:00) the night before the event. Please give the number in your party. “No shows” and people that show up without reservations or a different number of people than reserved will be deleted from the mailing list for six months. A confirmation will be sent when reservation is received. If you don’t receive a confirmation within 48 hours please, reserve again at diningoutcnx@yahoo.com

Botan is an unassuming little place that's half on the sidewalk, but the lack of decor is probably what allows them to serve their food at rock-bottom prices. All of their sushi is freshly made with generous portions of fish and they have a lot of sides to go with it (one of our favorites is the fried eggplant, which is 'nasudengaku' on the menu). If you're not into raw fish, the grilled mackeral and beef bowls are a worthy meal.
Paul’s Review:
These are short reviews done on a 1 through 10 basis, 10 being the highest.
Food Quality     7
Service             7
Ambiance          3     
Value                        9
Average meal excluding alcohol 200 baht per person.

From Kad Suan Kaew go west on Huay Kaew towards the mountain. Go past the Shell station and through the pedestrian traffic light and also past the traffic light at Sirimankalajon Road. Keep going past Nimmenhamen about ½ kilometer to the Honda Motorcycle dealer on the left. Just after that is a 7/11 (what else). After the 7/11 turn left into a small street and go to the second soi on the left. Turn left again and Botan Restaurant is immediately on your right. It’s a row of stores and 4 of them are Botan.

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