Ziplining vs elephant riding and bamboo rafting? Lonely Planet

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Jun 28, 2012 10:26 PM
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Ziplining vs elephant riding and bamboo rafting?
So I have one day left in Chiang Mai and I'm deciding between either going ziplining or elephant riding/bamboo rafting/seeing tribes. Which one do you think is better? I'm not so sure the elephant riding will really be all that fun because I already rode on an elephant when I was in Koh Phangan. I didn't think it was all that great. Anyways, I am traveling alone and don't know anything about Thai history (so I won't see the temples)

Actually you don't need to choose or miss any one of  all you mentioned as it is possible fit into one day tour which would cost 4450 Baht if only one person but 2950 per person for 2 person and 2250 Baht per person for 3 person and 1650 Baht per person for 4-6 person...this is a private tour for just only you or your family or friends..prices are included Zipline, Elephant show and painting, elephant riding, bamboo rafting, oxcart rding, international buffet lunch at Tiger Kingdom--it is optional if you need to be close to Tiger by your own touch which are 3 different size of Tiger...baby, medium and large size)..Orchid and Butterfly Farm, Monkey School...accompany with English Speaking and friendly Driver...air con car or SUV depending on how many person in one group...duration 8:00 to 17:00 everyday...Patrick

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