Private 3 days Tour from Chiangmai to Chiang Rai

Private Tour by Patrick 081 617 2116 Oversea Call +66 81 617 2116
Booking and Tentatively Personalized Planning: E-mail:  neomart@gmail.com

Day 1,
-Pick up from your hotel in Chiangmai, see an alternative Chiangmai Hotel List at 09:00
-arrive and check-in around 12:30 at your Chiang Rai Hotel, see an alternative Chiang Rai Hotel List
-Relax, lunch and shower at your hotel
-13:30 proceed to King's Mother Palace at Doi Tung (Doi Tung Royal Villa), arrived around 15:00 spending 2 hours among the very beautiful garden and Lanna style Palace
18:00 back to your hotel

Day 2
Golden Triangle, see big Buddha and view by yourselves 3 countries (Thai/Myanmar and Laos) at the same spot...Hall of Opium, either boating along Mae Khong River to visit Laos or drive to Mae Sai Market at the border of Thai/Myanmar (to cross to Myanmar side, you need to pay visae which this is a popular place for Visae Run) and on the way back to Hotel, we would visit Baan Si Dum or Black house or Black Temple which is like Hell and opposite view to White Temple where we will visit on the Day 3 on the way back to Chiangmai...it's like Yin Yang, since there is Heaven and that is why Hell existed.  Duration 9:00 - 17:00

Day 3 Check out 9:00 and visit White Temple 10:30 to 11:30 and you could have a brunch here if you like too.
Visit Hot Spring around 13:30 where you could try to boil egg in a mineral hot water and light Luinch (Toilet available)...arriving Chiangmai around 16:00

Private Tour cost:
9000 Baht per car for 1-2 Person
12000 Baht per SUV car for 3-6 Person
Prices included Driver/Car/Gasoline
Exclude Hotel:  see Cheap Chiang Rai Hotel List and Chiang Mai Hotel List
Exclude Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Drinking Water and refreshing Towel provided along the trip.
Exclude Boat along Mae Khong River to Laos, cost 300-500 Baht per person

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