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From start to finish, my experience with Sipohn and Untouched Thailand was superb. There was quite a bit of back and forth via email planning our journeys. But everything worked out perfectly to our specifications. Our guide was Tom the first day and he was incredible. I am 54 and quite fit and traveled with my college age daughter. It was my first trip to Thailand, but my daughter had already been in many areas of the country for two months with a Gap Year program. Both of us were wowed. We were promptly picked up for our tours right at our hotel (the fantastic boutique hotel Puripunn) on both days. Here was our magnificent itinerary for the first day: orchid farm, Tiger Kingdom (Loved it!! The tigers are well cared for and sleep during the day as is NORMAL since they are nocturnal, but they do wake up and are completely clear-eyed and alert when they do! Hire the photographer so you don't miss a shot!! Make sure you get ALL CDS of photos if you do several tiger groups -- big, small, smallest etc.), trekking in Doi Inthanon National Park to three waterfalls, hill tribes (Hmong market, Karen tribe with coffee sampling -- Sipohn does hill tribes that are NOT pathetic and touristy), lost city with temples and ruins at dusk. Tom surprised us by adding the orchid farm and it was just lovely. Tom is very patient and was monk for many, many years with Sipohn. So we learned quite lot about Buddhism on our journey too, and much about medicinal plants in the woods, which was fascinating since alternative and herbal medicine is a big interest of mine. This day was one of the best of my life, since we went from rice fields to temples seamlessly and were awed by each experience. We trekked for two hours but it was downhill and the weather was comfortable on the mountain so it was definitely "soft trekking." This was ideal because I was still a bit jet lagged. A hill tribe guide joined us for the trek and I do wish I had tipped him!! The second day Yao was our guide and we went to the gorgeous white temple in Chiang Rai, the gallery there (bought two beautiful prints) and then the Golden Triangle and Opium Museum. Yao was very friendly and informative and we really enjoyed her too. We took a long tail boat to an island in Laos, which had a big and inexpensive market. Bring cash!! The drive to the Golden Triangle and back is very long, so of our two itineraries we definitely preferred the first. The driver was also excellent and we certainly tipped him too. Cold water is provided as well as a tasty lunch stop on both days. NOTE: Tom mentioned that many excellent reviews of Untouched Thailand have been mysteriously disappearing from Trip Advisor. I wonder if there is hacking by competitors going on, as I can't imagine how else this could occur. If it were simply a site malfunction, it wouldn't be only the hundreds of GREAT reviews disappearing, would it? ; ) We give Untouched Thailand our gratitude for an exceptional experience and commendation for their outstanding service. Next time I'm bringing my entire family (teens and twenty-somethings). Wholeheartedly recommended!!!
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