Waterfall in Chiangmai

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Mae Tia Waterfall 

Stands at a height of 80 meters and is 15 meter wide. The water cascades down four tiers and flows for about 5 kms in the distance. It's an adventure to travel for 3 hours from Doi Kaew National Park Guardhouse. To get there follow highway 108 from Chiangmai to Chom Thong, then turn right near the Amphur Office near Sobtia Temple. Travel by the Hod local bus to Chom Thong and then hire a motorcycle to the waterfall entrance. A bus service to the waterfall is available for visitors.

Taad Mork Waterfall 
Less than a kilometre from the 'adventure valley' (Mae Sa Valley), a small road on the right leads to these falls after a further 9 kilometres. It is a medium sized waterfall and surrounded more by nature than others. Couples will love this romantic and peaceful place.

Mae Yim Waterfall 
One of the many beautiful waterfalls on the way from Chiang Mai to Sameong. A sign is posted to the right of the road at Rai Kanesadal.

Mok (Morg) Fa Waterfall 
This pretty, shady and peaceful picnic spot and waterfall is just off the Mae Malai to Pai, route 1095. Take a left turn to the gravel road after 20 kilometres and then proceed for another 2 kilometres. Although the volume of water is small, the river feeding the fall flows all year round.

This is a lovely waterfall, but make sure you go during week days and sometime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. as you will miss the hoards of backpackers who are shuttled here on their ways to and from jungle treks. 

Mae Pan Waterfall 
About 16 kilometres from Mae Chaem town, on the road leading to Doi Inthanon, the awesome Mae Pan Waterfall can be found. There is a sign at the roadside directing travellers to these falls, the highest in Chiang Mai. Take the sign-posted road and follow it for 9 kilometres, then a 10 minute walk will bring you to the falls. Surging over a 100 metre high cliff, the white of the racing water stands out dramatically against the deep green of the surrounding forest. As the water hits the rocks below, a million tiny drops split the sunlight into rainbow colours and soak the vegetation nearby. Downstream from the falls are a series of pools where the traveller can swim in the chilly mountain waters. The sala on a mound close by the falls, affords a shady place to sit and enjoy a panoramic view of the waterfall.

Huay Sai Lueng Waterfall 
Quite close to the Mae Pan waterfalls can be found the powerful, year-round Huay Sai Lueng Waterfall. The parking area is close by and shelters for visitors are plentiful. Although it is a multi-stepped cascade, lacking the drama of a single drop through space, this waterfall looks very beautiful as it dances through the rocks and trees. 

Mae Sa Waterfall 

Mae Sa Waterfall, an eight-tiered tumbling cascade, is 26 kilometres from town and occupies a natural setting among gigantic towering trees. Travel on the Mae Rim - Samoeng road, turn left directly at KM. 7 and enter the area of the National Park. This waterfall is one of the most famous in Mae Rim district. The Mae Sa waterfall is divided into levels, rising in eight stages up the slope of the foothills. The entire area is forested with large trees that provide cool shade year-round. The fall is a favourite recreation spot for the people of Chiang Mai and visitors alike. 

Mae Ya Waterfall 
Take the Chiang Mai-Jomthong route, turn right at the kilometre 56-57 marker, after about 1 kilometre, turn left and keep going for about 7 kilometres. Here visitors can picnic at the area's tallest waterfall, some 250 metres high. The fresh water splashes down over 30 tiers of rocks and boulders into a small pond. 

Bua Tong Waterfall 
Bua Tong Waterfall and its remarkable seven coloured springs
47 kilometres from Chiang Mai, on the road to Phrao. The spring water is rich in calcium carbonate, which is deposited on the streambed and flows down the falls in seven distinct pastel colours. A great waterfall to visit with children as it is very safe to clamber and climb on as the lime stones are not slippery. Not particularly spectacular to look at but fun for a picnic. 

Huay Kaew Waterfall 
Huay Kaew waterfall has 2 separate waterfalls, Pha Ngerb and Wang Bua Baan. To have a good view of the falls and enjoy the refreshing and cool shade of the many trees you will have to stray a distance of about 100 metres from the main road.

However, do check with locals how clean the falls are as during the dry season the sewage from the villages further up the mountain trickles down the falls. Best to sit with a beer or glass of wine at the end of a day and chill out, rather than go for a dip.

This is the closet falls to Chiang Mai town, being a mere 10 minutes drive from city centre...a great place to relax with a picnic.

Wachiratharn Waterfall 
The waterfall is a large cascade which plummets over the edge of a high cliff into a deep pool below. Opposite the fall is a tall and precipitous cliff called Pha Mon Kaew or more lyrically, Pha Gorn Kaew. The waterfall, some 750 metres above sea level, which was formerly called Tad Kong Yong, is an excellent picnic spot. To get there, turn right off the main road up Doi Inthanon at about 21 kilometres, then follow the sign-post to the waterfall a further 350 meters on foot.

Great fun for youngish kids to frolic around while mum and pop lie back and enjoy a chilled beer. 

Siripoom Waterfall 
The beautiful waterfall is in fact a pair of falls which plunge from a towering cliff. The best view is from the Hmong Village of Baan Lao Lee, after which the falls were originally named. To get there, take a right turn at around 30 kilometres up the main Doi Inthanon road and then drive a further 2 kilometres along the all-weather road. After a 200 metre uphill you will see the waterfall. 

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