Hot Springs in Chiangmai

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Hot Springs
Fang Hot Springs 
Hot springs shooting up to the sky in this large national park on the outskirts of Chiang Mai

This large park is situated at the northern limit of Chiang Mai Province and has a long border with Myanmar (Burma). It is one of the least spoiled areas of Thailand. Doi Pa Hom Bok Clum, 2285 meters high, is the second tallest mountain in Thailand, strong winds blow all round and have caused the mountain to have a flat top from where there is a magnificent view. There are several spectacular waterfalls and caves. The splendid virgin forest contains a wide range of unusual and rare flora and fauna.

Ten kilometres from the town of Fang, are the headquarters of the park where maps and information can be obtained. Here, too, are the famous hot springs. Covering an area of fourteen rai, a number of boiling geysers shoot from the ground - this is a lovely place for a picnic and the whole area is beautifully kept.

In 1989 in cooperation with a French company, an Israeli geothermal power plant was installed using the pressure of hot water from a hundred meter deep well. Electricity generated is supplied to the national grid. This project has been carefully planned so as not to spoil the environment. The staff are always proud to show visitors around the plant.
To the south of Fang are non-commercial oil wells exploited by the army.
Songteaw taxis from Chiang Mai to Fang are perhaps a rather uncomfortable mode of travel but leave regularly and are inexpensive. Due to its remoteness there are not many tours to the Fang area but for the adventurous, treks to the region will take you into the heart of the wild.

Sankampaeng Hot Springs 
Finish a day's shopping in Sankampaeng and wind down at the hot springs with hot tubs and a pool.

The drive to the small weaving village of Sankampaeng passes a large number of handicraft shops and the famous umbrella village of Bo Sang. Some three kilometres beyond the village, is a pleasant forty-acre park containing hot springs. The park has been well landscaped and in the cool season the flowers are very lovely. Huts with mineral baths have been constructed; there is a restaurant, a camping area and good places for picnics.

This is a very active geological area. The water, at a temperature of a hundred degrees centigrade, comes from a deep source. Attempts have been made to harness this energy and there is a research station nearby with information on display.

Muang On Cave 
This cave is situated at Sankampaeng near the Hot Springs. A long staircase leads up to the mouth of the cave. A steep climb down again gives access to a number of caverns filled with impressive stalagmites and stalactites. There is a strange limestone formation that was once mistaken for the skeleton of a dinosaur. In one cavern is a large Buddha image. 

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